Eyelash And Eyelash Perming

General Maintenance

1.Eyelashes should not be permed or tinted after having eyelash extensions- Do not use mechanical or heated curlers on your eyelashes

2.Be gentle with your eyelashes-avoid rubbing or touching-Use oil free make-up remover to clean your eyelashes & eye area-Do not use any oil-based ( waterproof ) mascara-

3.After 2/3 weeks you will notice a slight loss of your eyelash extensions.-That is a natural part of your eyelash growth cycle.-Your extensions can be maintained with relatively inexpensive in-fill procedures, which take less time (45-60mins) and with the after treatment products mentioned below

After Treatment Products

Ask your eyelash technician about the following products to make you look gorgeous for longer-

Water based mascara Enhance your eyelash look for special occasions by using this mascara, specifically formulated for your eyelash extensions

Eyelash black coating sealant Protect your extensions from moisture and pollutants whilst adding a shimmering wet look to your eyes