100% Natural Facial

Holistic Facial

New Zealand’s own Living Nature leads the world in certified natural, safe and effective skincare. Using only 100% natural ingredients, preservatives and fragrances in their products, Living Nature’s extensive range caters for all skin types. Living Nature has harnessed the power of New Zealand’s unique native botanicals with their incredible purifying, healing and nourishing properties. It is the potent powers of these precious ingredients that make Living Nature products so effective. 100% Natural.

They are certified 100% free from:Synthetic preservatives, such as parabens and phenoxyethanol-Harsh surfactants, such as sodium, ammonium and lauryl/laureth sulphates-Petrochemicals, including PEGs, paraffin and other glycols-Silicones-Mineral oils-Artificial fragrances-Grain alcohols.

Treatments Benefits And Skin Type 30 Mins 60 Mins Learn More
NEW: Natural Face Lift Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by loosing the skin’s natural proteins, collagen and elastin  £45
Warm Honey Express Facial All Skin Type £29  –
Firming Eye Treatment  Dry / Dehydrated Skin £25  –
Balancing Clear Skin Facial – Oily Skin Types Oily / Problem Skin Type £41
Soothing Relief Facial – Acne Prone Skin Type Acne Prone Skin Type £41
Nourishing Facial – Dry Skin Type Dry / Flaky Skin Type £45
Deep Hydration Facial – Dehydrated Skin Type Dehydrated Skin type £41
Anti-Ageing Facial – Mature Skin Type Mature Skin Type £45
Mens Facial Oil Skin Type £41