Metamorphic Technique

Portrait of Beautiful Asian Woman having relaxing massage in Spa

The treatment: Metamorphic technique is very soothing and comforting and consists of hour- long sessions of gentle touch on the feet, hands and head. For anyone facing change, feeling stressed, stuck – or in need of some help to move forward.
Benefit: The Metamorphic technique is a tool for transformation which can be used for self healing and personal development. It seeks to release us from any issues or traumas that may have affected us on our journey from conception to birth, enabling us to move forward and achieve our full potential in life.It is particularly helpful during transitional times like convalescence, career change, bereavement, house move, break-ups, pregnancy & menopause – or for anyone feeling endlessly stuck in a rut but who doesn’t know which way to turn.
Improvement has also been observed with stress, anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia and chronic fatigue. As a non-invasive technique, it is ideal for people of all ages, including children and the elderly or infirm, or those in recovery. There is no need to dig up or analyse the past and it is the individual who determines the number and frequency of sessions received.

50 Minutes£40

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