Lash Cleansing Foam Kit

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LashArt Cleansing Foam
Keep your eyelashes gorgeous and healthy with LashArt cleansing foam. This high quality lightweight cleansing foam easily and gently removes any impurities that can build up on your client’s eyelashes such as dead skin cells, dust, germs and make up residue. It has been specially formulated to use on your client’s natural lashes before primer to maximize glue bonding power which means longer lash retention. It is also perfect for your clients to use on their extensions at home for great aftercare. It is recommended for every client to use as part of their daily after-care regime, protecting their lashes from infections, bacteria, mites and blepharitis. Greatly improves lash longevity which means more extensions remain for in-fills.


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LashArt Gentle Brush
LashArt Gentle Brush is perfect to use on your own eyelash extensions or on your clients – even the most sensitive eyes. This super soft pointed brush is made of the finest microfibers and is gentle on eyelash extensions whilst thoroughly cleansing eye area, precisely cleaning the lash line which is hard to reach by other flat head brushes. The anti-bacterial agent within the material helps keep the brush clear of germs. Comes with string pouch for easy storage.

Key Features:
Volume: 50ml
Hypoallergenic, paraben free, no irritation
PH neutral, oil free & alcohol free

Step 1- Shake well then spray a small amount of LashArt foam cleanser on Gentle cleansing brush or pad.
Step 2- With client’s eye kept closed, gently cleanse the lash line using a slow circular motion.
Step 3- Rinse with warm water and dab lightly to dry. If using in salon, a primer must be used to clear any soap residue.

Caution: Avoid getting product in eyes. If irritation or contact occurs rinse immediately with warm water. Discontinue use and if symptoms persist seek immediate medical advice.