Nourishing Facial

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Evolve Superfood Age Smart Ritual –                                                                    Age Smart intelligent ingredients combined with the expert touch of your Evolve Beauty facialist, this bespoke ritual will take you on a journey to younger-looking skin. It will  also deliver the utmost relaxation with an indulgent massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders. The Superfood Age Smart Ritual has been redesigned to support graceful ageing, incorporating superfoods and high tech green ingredients to reduce wrinkle depth, improve firmness, tone and radiance alongside the benefits of an exclusive crystal facial massage to promote cellular regeneration and oxygenation.


The Superfood Age Smart Ritual is the pinnacle pro-ageing treatment ritual for Evolve Beauty. Ultimately this ritual is perfect for those concerned with ageing. It will provide welcome results using Evolve’s intelligent superfoods and high tech green ingredients. A 360 approach to ageing. Laura Rudoe, our founder is a true advocate of taking care of the skin naturally and at every stage of life, working proactively with the body to support graceful ageing, ageing smarter! With this in mind, this beautiful ritual begins with an indulgent back, neck and shoulder massage.
Introduction of Crystal Facial Massage Crystal facial massage dates back to the Middle Ages and Ancient India and is an integral part of Chinese Medicine. The skin is gently massaged with especially selected gemstones to promote a wealth of skin benefits: Improved skin tone and texture De-puffing of the skin Reduction of wrinkles Stimulation of collagen Increased circulation Reduced inflammation and redness Promotion of cellular regeneration.

DAO YIN Facial Massage
An exclusive facial massage and meditation. This massage will encourage the release of trapped and stagnant energy, therefore allowing the body to begin the process of healing itself from the inside out. Benefits that can be achieved from such a powerful massage include: Decongestion and detoxification Reduction of stress Rejuvenation Relaxation Rebalance of the body’s natural rhythms

90 Minutes£80