Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

buddha statue and candles HLPUJ96 min

For female client’s only.

The treatment: A reviving and relaxing Hawaiian massage treatment incorporating vigorous deep tissue massage using elbows and forearm. This clears, nurtures and relaxes you, and is highly beneficial to the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and digestive systems. It works gently but deeply on muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body and enabling you to relax, bringing peace to your mind.


  • release tension
  • assist blood and lymph flow
  • eliminate waste and stimulate toxins
  • rejuvenate the body
  • instil a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing.

45 Minutes£42
60 Minutes£49
90 Minutes£63

More Information

Don’t eat a heavy meal before the massage; if it’s your first time at the salon arrive at least 5 minutes early to complete the necessary forms.

The Covid-19 requirement – Please do not come to the Salon if you, or anyone who lives with you, is self isolating or displaying symptoms known to be consistent with Covid-19.